Embracing Uncertainty

By: Krista Steinbach

One certainty in life is uncertainty.

We can think that we know what our dinner plans are (tonight for me it’s Brasa takeout with my two favorite people, my husband and daughter) or even what our ultimate “life plan” is (traditionally get married, have kids, retire, travel). But the truth is, we don’t.

We can put a stake in the ground and drive towards the plans we’ve laid out. However, “life” will happen and along with it many detours and boulders will fall in our path. At an extreme we could walk across the street to our favorite restaurant for dinner and 1) find a winning lottery ticket on the ground or 2) get hit by a car. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring and that’s what makes this life so beautiful and precious.

This post is not about motivating you to climb over the boulders or to plow through the detour. Instead it is about finding the grace to embrace these detours and boulders. Examine the boulder in front of you. Place your hands on it.  Run your fingers over it. Embrace the bumps and crevices it is sure to hold.

Stand on top of it.
Dance around it.
Laugh at it.
Embrace it.

Make each and every moment count. Make them sacred. Only you can determine the value of each moment. And we don’t know what the next moment will hold.

My path to bringing WholeMe to life has been filled with many bumps and boulders. Some I hold dear to my heart and others I’ve tossed back in the river. Thankfully, I feel there are more in my backpack than in the river. So I want to thank each and every person that helped bring WholeMe to what it is today. You all know who you are. There are too many to count, some I’ve lost contact with over the years, but all the while, I am still so grateful. Thank you.

Krista is the COO and Co-founder of WholeMe.  In her free time, you can find her being goofy and dancing around the house with her husband and daughter or recreating at her home away from home in Duluth, Minnesota.

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