Our Philosophy

WholeMe isn’t just a company name, it’s our motto. Business as usual? Not on your life. We are an authentic, gutsy, and active company driven to create delicious, nutrient-dense foods that nourish our whole selves. We believe in good food and good health, and we believe you shouldn’t have to choose one over the other. Our passion is creating curiosity in living through purveying truly healthy and delicious foods!

Our Foods

Ingredients you can trust
Healthy fats, natural sweeteners and nothing else. At WholeMe we pride ourselves in using only a handful of ingredients – ingredients you can pronounce. Our products are grain-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO verified and free from many common allergens.

Healthy fats, sustained energy
While many other food companies shy away from fat – and opt for its carbohydrate rival, sugar – we celebrate it. The fat in our products comes from nuts, seeds and organic coconut oil – all of which are a clean source of nutrient-dense energy to fuel your active, on-the-go lifestyle.

Real sweeteners, full-bodied flavor
Our products are free of preservatives, artificial syrups and other nonsense, but are certainly NOT free of flavor. Sweetened with real foods like honey, maple syrup and vanilla, there’s no shame in that extra helping. Our sweeteners work to stabilize blood sugar, providing a longer and steadier source of energy. Just as they should.

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Our Story

Founded in 2013, WholeMe is the partnership of Krista Steinbach and Mary Kosir – two women on a mission to change not only how we snack, but also how we live. WholeMe was born out of the need for a grain-free, whole-food based snack (that actually tasted good!) when Mary’s husband was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. After a few red wine-laced brainstorming sessions, some crazy recipe ideas, and late night baking sessions, Mary knew she was on to something.

Enter Krista. A former bakery owner and pastry chef, Krista knows a thing or two about recipe development. After giving up grains and sugar for a 30-day paleo challenge, Krista noticed a shift in both her physical and mental health. Connecting over this shared passion to better themselves and to lead whole and honest lives, Mary and Krista joined forces when they met at CrossFit St. Paul in 2012. The two have been lifting heavy ever since!

A Whole New Way to Snack, a Whole New Way to Live
Since the launch of our Kickstarter campaign in 2014 – a campaign that raised over $40,000 in just 30 days – we have released new products and retired old, but one log continues to fuel our fire: the desire to redefine the snack food category. WholeMe was built upon the need for a whole-food alternative to the sugar-laden snacks that surround us, and this is what continues to inspire us today. With every new product, every new flavor and every new customer we grow closer to our goal of changing this landscape. After all, we wouldn’t be WholeMe without YOU.




Mother. Mentor. Badass Business Women.

With her infectious smile and contagious laugh, Mary’s energy pushes us to do more and be more every day. Mary spent over 20 years at one of the leading business schools in the country, and understands a thing or two about the connection between passion, business, and community.



Pastry Chef. Veteran. Eternal Learner.

Love our latest flavor? Thank Krista. The bones of the company, Krista makes it happen. Her experience in the military instilled grit and resilience that not only helps propel WholeMe forward, but reminds her to be grateful for each and every day.

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