Journey to the 26.2: It’s What You Learn Along the Way

By: Megan Stuart You know what’s cool about a marathon? Yes – basking in the glory of crossing the finish line and feeling the weight of that finisher’s medal finally placed around your [...]

WholeMe is now in Costco Midwest!

WholeMe is thrilled to be bringing our WholeMe Almond Coconut Clusters to the Midwest Costco region. It’s always been our goal to bring delicious and nutritious snacks to more consumers, and this [...]

Our mind is our strongest obstacle

By: Nicole Swingle “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” —Tommy Lasorda   Many of us struggle with several things in our life. However, it’s [...]

Key Takeaways From Expo West

Team WholeMe recently returned from Anaheim, CA after a long, eventful and exciting weekend at Natural Products Expo West – the world’s largest natural & healthy products event! This year [...]

My Quarter-Life Crisis

By: Kate Sayers It’s amazing the amount of times I can count being absolutely terrified about not having my life ‘together’. For years, I’d try to fit myself into this [...]

Stepping Into Your Calling

By: Maria Bentson  Allie Billeadeau, and Annie Harwell Why is it that a majority of us sit on the very ideas, dreams, and passions we were made for, without ever acting on them? Society tells us [...]

Well, why the hell not?!

By: Abbey Brau “Oh, wow! Really? Why?” Me: **silence** Um.. “I mean, like, what made you decide to do that? Isn’t it dirty?” I’m in conversation with a roommate’s friend who I’ve met before [...]

Turn your obstacles into catapults

By: Grace Bettino A few years ago, I found myself 5 years into my post-college life feeling … comfortable. I had settled into a good job, found an apartment I loved and was, generally, pretty [...]

Valentine’s Day – Sharing the Love

We cannot explain how much we appreciate you all showing so much love for our company every day of the year. We have said it a thousand times and we will say it a thousand more, but we truly [...]

Making “Healthy” Your “Selfie”

By: Christina Meyer-Jax MS, RDN “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you who you are.”  I heard this phase often as a strong-willed teenager from my pragmatic and well intentioned [...]

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