A letter from our Founders

Gratitude. WholeMe is filled with thanks to all of our customers, near and far. Thank you for your support in 2017 as we’ve worked to continue to grow our distribution across the country.  It’s our goal at WholeMe to create a Whole New Way of Snacking for you, making it easier to access clean snacks to fuel you and your family for the active lives you live.

As a company, we have had a wonderful year of growing our customer base, seeing the creative ways our customers are using our products in their every day lives, and we are committed to continuing to grow and develop as an emerging brand to develop nourishing and delicious snacks. We appreciate your feedback along the way, and as we look back on our past 5 years, we are grateful and filled with emotion at the village it has taken us to get to where we are today. Whether it’s a follower on Instagram, an ingredient supplier on the West Coast, a podcaster call-out of their favorite WholeMe cluster, or a grocery buyer that goes the extra mile for small brands. It is each and every touch and follow that builds a company rooted in community and willing to go the extra mile to build and create the vision of a couple of women who came together with a passion for the gutsy, authentic and active in each one of us.

So from us to you, we toast to a healthy 2018.  We look forward to connecting with you, to hearing from you, and to meeting you as we continue to build WholeMe.

Be well.


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