Well, why the hell not?!

By: Abbey Brau “Oh, wow! Really? Why?” Me: **silence** Um.. “I mean, like, what made you decide to do that? Isn’t it dirty?” I’m in conversation with a roommate’s friend who I’ve met before [...]

Turn your obstacles into catapults

By: Grace Bettino A few years ago, I found myself 5 years into my post-college life feeling … comfortable. I had settled into a good job, found an apartment I loved and was, generally, pretty [...]

Valentine’s Day – Sharing the Love

We cannot explain how much we appreciate you all showing so much love for our company every day of the year. We have said it a thousand times and we will say it a thousand more, but we truly [...]

Making “Healthy” Your “Selfie”

By: Christina Meyer-Jax MS, RDN “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you who you are.”  I heard this phase often as a strong-willed teenager from my pragmatic and well intentioned [...]