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Healthy fats

Fats have been given a bad rap in the past. But we love fat at WholeMe! Not only is it a dense source of energy to fuel you for hours on end (vs. its carbohydrate friend—sugar—which will leave you crashing and burning soon after), it is also critical to many metabolic processes in the body that regulate hormones and brain function, to name a few.

The fat in our products come from nuts, seeds and organic coconut oil. These are super healthy fats and our favorite is coconut oil. This type of fat can be used immediately by the body for energy without having to be broken down, converted, and stored like other types of fats.

We use only real sweeteners

You won’t find any “high fructose” ingredients in our products. We believe in sweetening with real food – honey, dates, and vanilla, so you can enjoy the added vitamins and minerals from these foods.  When combined with healthy fats (which slows the absorption of carbs in the bloodstream, thus stabilizing blood sugar), our sweeteners provide a longer and steadier source of energy.

No preservatives

Do you really want to eat that bar that can sit on a shelf for years and taste the same as the day you bought it? Think about it. The only preservative we use is the refrigerator because real food is perishable. We believe in ingredients you can pronounce and trust. And that’s what you’ll find in all of our products. Short shelf life, long human life, right?!

No worries

All of our products are grain-free and gluten-free and many of our products are dairy-free and soy-free. By creating products without these common allergens, WholeMe is committed to creating universally healthier foods. For a complete list of ingredients in each product, visit our shop.


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